• For the latest device with upgraded firmware/hardware, ensure MuteMe LLC is the seller when purchasing on Amazon
    • WindowsOS compatible only (visit our website for macOS compatible MuteMe)
    • Multi-conference meeting application compatibility including Zoom, Teams, WebEx and more. Visit website for full list.
    • Intuitive software with consistent updates. Free download available on website.
    • Toggle-mode, push-to-talk, push-to-mute mode selections
    • Stainless steel top for easy cleaning. For custom engraved bulk orders, visit our website.
    • Capacitive touch to (un)mute without making a sound
    • Sleep mode option to have the device turn off when (un)mute, not in meeting, not in use
    • Multi-microphone control, 2 LED pulsing options, and 3 sound options when (un)mute
    • Package includes 1 MuteMe Device, 1 USB-C cord, and 1 USB-C to USB-A adaptor
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