Boston Warehouse Coffin Utensil Holder, 8 inches x 5.75 inches, Black


  • SPOOKY TAKE ON A KITCHEN CLASSIC: Boston Warehouse brings you this dark but death-defying Coffin-Shaped Utensil Holder. With a classic skull and bones design imprinted on the unique, hexagonal shaped holder, your utensils will live to cook another day.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED: At 8 inches high and 5 ¾ inches wide, you have room for spatulas, spoons, ladles, whisks and more. The footprint is small enough it won’t overwhelm your counter space, but will still keep the area tidy and your utensils within reach.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Made of durable, food-safe and eco-friendly wood, the utensil holder is sturdy but not so heavy that it is difficult to reposition. It is also easy to clean and wipe up the occasional splatter from your stove.
  • SUITABLE FOR MULTIPLE PERSONALITY STYLES: Perfect for the gothic, dark, and spiritual, the pirate or Halloween lover..or the undertaker, this coffin-shaped utensil holder can be used any time of year and not just in October! It makes a gutsy and daring statement wherever it is displayed.
  • VERSATILE FOR MULTIPLE USES: Sure, the Coffin-Shaped Utensil Holder holds kitchen utensils, but if you mine the right side of your brain, you might find you can use it in the bath to corral hairbrushes and hair care products, near your crafting station or in your home office to house supplies. The possibilities are endless, so be fearless in your thinking!


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